relationship therapy

Relationship therapy

Why relationship therapy?

Challenges, surprises, plot twists: they’re all opportunities for growth, development and deepening in a relationship. As a loving couple, circumstances and events in your lives will force you to make choices you didn’t see coming. Your initial relationship, which arose in the infatuated phase, will look different after just a few months. Over the years, the relationship continues to evolve. Children, careers, friends, parents, illness and death: life takes turns and your relationship must move along accordingly. We’re growing older than ever and staying healthy longer than ever, so we need to work longer and harder to ensure our primary relationship remains healthy, nourishing and vital. And I’m more than happy to help you with that process.

Please feel welcome: together from the start, or initially one on one.


Primary Relationship Problems

What's going on?

  • One of you has entered into an affair
  • You no longer communicate with one another
  • You’re quarreling or disagreeing more than ever
  • You no longer understand each other and don’t really make an effort to do so
  • You’ve stopped having sex; intimacy and passion have all but disappeared
  • You’re not exactly looking forward to spending another 20 years together
  • Or maybe you would simply like to have a Relationship Reboot conversation with a trained specialist

Well, it’s a good thing you’re here.


Let’s call it as it is:

Relationship is a verb.

A huge cliché, but with good reason: it's true. Every relationship needs maintenance, and an investment from both partners. Again and again. All too often, long-delayed major maintenance is overdue, and sometimes leads to surprising twists.

Your Primary Relationship as the ultimate place of growth

I work from the perspective that a relationship is the place where you, me and all of us should be able to become the best version of ourselves. In a relationship, we have to focus on ourselves and we have to focus on the other individual. Making an effort for each other, being willing to listen and always being aware of the role you yourself play within the relationship and its struggles.

Willing to invest, daring to be dependent on the other and experiencing that safe connection with your partner is possible. As is the ability to heal vulnerable parts from your youth and process them in your relationship. And the ability to renew and develop yourself, viewing each other with a sense of amazement and curiosity.

No longer seeing your partner in a frame, fixed in assumptions, but always open to what arises on a new day and in a new moment. Serving as each other's safety net, but also one another's sharpening stone. And being each other’s pillow on which to unwind, but also each other’s springboard to expand upwards and onwards.

Ideal words, of course, but everyday life always brings about surprises and ripples that result in friction. And then you feel like you’re experiencing 'relationship problems'. Those problems can be minor or feel insurmountable. And to immediately dispel a myth: many problems are easy to solve, while others aren’t and that doesn’t matter! If handled well, differences can keep a relationship exciting.

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